Comments from Past Attendees

  • Here is what past attendees have had to say about Cabot Investors Conference.

    “Jacob’s presentation was lively and instructive.”—Evy Blum

    “An excellent discussion of market dynamics and selection criteria. Could listen to Michael all day. Always pick up something new.”—Peter Korman

    “Appropriate Roy’s a “disciplined” approach—and his encouragement follows suit.” John Lees

    Great work, Chloe!—Justin Leader

    “Paul is an excellent speaker. He is very unscripted and quite the wordsmith. We feel very excited and passionate about the future. Love the charts and jokes.”—Amy Anderson

    There are plenty of great ideas.”—Susan Lupo

    “Double excellent!”—Ron Flauhaus

    “Y’all a great group who preach education and common sense, thank you for all you do. We feel like old pals.”—Unsigned

    “Thank you for the splendid presentations and the fun events of the past few days. It was great to interact with all of the Cabot family and the subscribers, too. We were so happy to be a part of the Conference and came away feeling that we had added a great deal of new information to our knowledge of investing.
    Warm regards.”—Vivian Fancher

    “Outstanding conference. Thanks for all the great investment guidance.”—Steven Cohen

    “I thought the conference flow was very good. It left you wanting more, but yet, it was more than enough. I liked the frequent breaks and opportunities for questions. Great job! Everyone was very kind and friendly, and I really enjoyed the welcoming environment.”— Kathy Donnelly

    “Lots of names to watch, learned a lot.”—John Cardwell

    “I appreciate that the Cabot team is able to remember by name previous attendees, and that the team provides access to subscribers for question and comments.”—Karl Rutz

    “The cocktail reception is a great opportunity to meet the analysts and Cabot staff in a relaxed and informal setting. One of Cabot’s greatest strengths is humanizing its people and making them accessible. The reception is an important kickoff and sets the tone for the rest of the conference.”—Susan Lupo

    “The cocktail reception is always a good meet with analysts and attendees from past years conferences.”—Bruce Burns

    “The cocktail reception is a very enjoyable opportunity to interact with Cabot staff and conference attendees…I enjoy it immensely!—Margarita Abe

    “Excellent presentation of the big picture. Also gave participants a chance to preview what breakout sessions might interest them. Mike is an engaging and enthusiastic speaker. His passion for what he does is infectious.”—Susan Lupo

    “For me, this was one of the best sessions (Growth Expert’s View of the Market). I appreciated learning how they stay in he game as stock prices rise.”—Maureen Berry

    “Having gotten bitten by a couple of IPOs (eg TWTR), I really appreciated the panel on IPOs. And having four different approaches really enriched the discussion.” Susan Lupo

    “I liked getting pulled out of my growth bias and listening to Roy’s more conservative approach. You really can’t argue with Roy’s tremendous success with his models, and he explains them so very well.”—Susan Lupo

    “With China pretty much a no-go right now, it was good to get some different emerging markets to look at. Paul has such a wonderful dry humor, he’s fun to listen to. The takeaway here was SNaC, which I’m already familiar with. But it’s a great mnemonic for new investors and Paul reinforced it here as well as at other times during the conference.”—Susan Lupo

    “Everybody on the growth side is looking for the next home run. It was very valuable to look at themes that might help a person find it. I appreciate Tim’s thoughtful analysis and eye toward the future. I also came away with a good watch list.”—Susan Lupo

    “The value discussion was a great counterpoint to those of us who skew toward the growth and aggressive growth side of investing. Particularly in the current market environment, the conservative argument has great value.”—Susan Lupo

    “Very interesting discussion of biotech.”—Margarita Abe

    “I was surprised at the picks of different analysts…are they telling us something about the precarious state of the market … I’m thinking of Tim’s choice here … I actually am very worried abut how the market is trading right now. A market that sells off/shoots any stock that advances sharply is a dangerous market.”—Margarita Abe

    “Very different strategies from different analysts made this a useful panel (How to Make Money No Matter What the Market’s Doing).”—Margarita Abe

    “Good topic for both veteran and new investors. So much information is out there that it can be overwhelming and confusing. The ideas presented in this panel (What to Study and What to Ignore) helped people filter out the noise.”—Susan Lupo


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