Conference Agenda

    • Presentation speakers
      • Tim Lutts, President, Publisher and Chief Analyst, Cabot Stock of the Week
      • Mike Cintolo, Vice President of Investments, Chief Analyst, Cabot Growth Investor and Cabot Top Ten Trader
      • Paul Goodwin, Chief Analyst, Cabot Emerging Markets Investor and Cabot Wealth Advisory
      • Crista Huff
      • Chloe Lutts Jensen, Dividend Specialist, Chief Analyst, Cabot Dividend Investor
      • Jacob Mintz, Options Expert, Chief Analyst, Cabot Options Trader
      • Tyler Laundon
      • Roy Ward, Value Investment Specialist, Chief Analyst, Cabot Benjamn Graham Value Investor
      • Nancy Zambell, Editor of Wall Street's Best Investments and Wall Street's Best Dividend Stocks

    The Conference agenda is being shaped by the attendees!

    Here are just some of the topics the attendees have asked us to include:

    “I’m looking forward to hearing Tim personally explain the similarities and differences of all your advisory services. You’ve got newsletters using growth strategies, momentum strategies, value strategies, options and more, and even as a professional, I’m not sure I’m subscribing to the products that can help me best. I think if you stood up there and gave your perspective on all the operations, it would help me a lot.”

    “I want to hear each editor personally describe his investment strategy… I want to know more about your small-cap editor; how small is small, and how long does he hold the average stock? I want to know more about your options editor; how short-term is his advice, and how many trades does he give in a typical week? I want to hear your ETF guy, because ETFs are the perfect investment for some of my smaller clients. In short, I want to hear them all!”

    “I want to hear each editor give specific examples of investments they like now, and explain why, in detail. I know some of your editors are big users of charts like me, and I know some put much more emphasis on the fundamental story, or the valuation. Hearing each one explain why a couple investments are very attractive to them would be a big help.”

    “I’m looking forward to talking to the editors directly, one-on-one either in a breakout session or over cocktails!”

    “I want in-depth instruction on reading and interpreting stock charts, buy and sell triggers, how to develop a watch list.”

    “I want to know the top characteristics you look for in potential winners.”

    “I want to learn about options, starting with the basics of Puts and Calls to the advantages and disadvantages of various strategies.”

    “I want to hear your views on foreign stocks, emerging markets and frontier markets.”

    If this is your idea of a great couple of days in August, please join us at the Cabot Investors Conference. Click here to register.


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